One Commanders player to benefit most from each head coaching candidate

The incoming appointment has big implications for Washington's players.
Aaron Glenn
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Commanders could hire Ben Johnson

  • Player to benefit most: Sam Howell (QB), Or...

Of course, we don’t know who the Washington Commanders’ quarterback will be next year. Should current Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator Ben Johnson get the nod - as many think is likely - he will most likely want to draft a quarterback early on.

Whether the opening-day quarterback in 2024 is Sam Howell or some to-be-determined rookie, he will benefit greatly from the offense Johnson will build. Want further proof? Look no further than the clinics he's been putting on during the postseason.

Johnson will run the ball. Look for him to immediately address the poor power blocking of the offensive line, and also to add a versatile speed running back. He will then have Brian Robinson Jr. and Chris Rodriguez Jr. pound the rock. Perhaps a middle/late-round rookie such as Jaylen Wright or Blake Watson to serve as a change-of-pace playmaker.

In terms of the offensive scheme, Johnson will line Howell up under center and run play action. This should be a friendlier system for a young quarterback - someone like Drake Maye could be tailormade for these concepts.

Under Johnson, the Lions run shotgun less than any other offense in the league. This has helped veteran signal-caller Jared Goff find a high comfort level. It's also contributed significantly to Detroit's first NFC Conference championship appearance in a generation.

Johnson will make Howell - or whoever he chooses for the quarterback position - comfortable. That will be of enormous benefit.