NFC East quarterback rankings: Where do the Commanders sit after roster cuts?

Heading into the 2023 regular season, where does Washington rank among other NFC East teams in regard to quarterback rooms?

Sam Howell
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2. Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott leads the charge for the Dallas Cowboys as Cooper Rush and former San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Trey Lance fall in line.

At one point, Prescott was seen as the best quarterback in the NFC East. In recent times, his play has become polarizing.

Some feel that he is still a top 10-15 quarterback around the league, while others see him as a bottom 15 player at the position. His recent inconsistent play and failure to push the team further into the postseason have led to this hysteria.

When Rush had an undefeated streak in the 2022 regular season, there was belief that he could replace Prescott as the starter. Alas, in the 26-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6, that notion was quickly nipped in the bud.

Rush threw three interceptions in that contest. This played a role in the game becoming uncompetitive until the second half.

However, Rush did establish himself as one of the better backup quarterbacks in the league, winning four games straight prior. Something the Washington Commanders hope Jacoby Brissett will become if he's ever thrust into the spotlight.

Lance is a wildcard. He was drafted being seen as a future franchise quarterback. Injuries and the timing of certain events such as Brock Purdy’s emergence ultimately derailed that narrative as of now.

He has shown some glimpses of talent in the very scarce amount of professional football he has played. The jury will stay out on Lance until further notice as he assumes the role of QB3.