Key numbers from Commanders' humiliating loss vs. the Bears in Week 5

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Benjamin St-Juste
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What were the key numbers behind a humiliating primetime loss for the Washington Commanders against the Chicago Bears in Week 5?

Yes, the Washington Commanders made some noise in the second half. Enough to turn the resounding boos from a sold-out crowd to temporary chants of, "Let's go Redskins."

Boy, was that short-lived.

A missed field goal by Joey Slye that would have cut the Chicago Bears' lead to seven followed by a 56-yard touchdown pass from Justin Fields to D.J. Moore ended any hopes of a comeback. The Commanders' faithful were silenced and chants of, "Let's go Bears" could be heard throughout the stands.

The worst part, this is par for the course for Washington under Ron Rivera. Starting slow, giving up big plays, the bend-but-don't-break defense, and second-half comebacks that fall short. Rinse and repeat - that is what we have been seeing for four years.

And it needs to end.

It's hard to win a game when you spot the opposing team a 24-point half-time lead.

It's hard to win a game when you allow a team that came in with a 14-game losing streak to shove it down your throat by scoring on all five of their first-half possessions.

It's hard to win when your vaunted defensive front four can't get consistent pressure on the second-most sacked quarterback in the NFL.

It's hard to win when your cornerback - who came in with the lowest pass rating allowed in the league - and your rookie - who was pegged as a sure thing - get burned over and over and over again.

Yes, it's clear that Eric Bieniemy's offense has potential. Yes, it's clear to see that Sam Howell has the opportunity to become the quarterback this franchise has been waiting for.

But Jack Del Rio's defense continues to hold the team back. Meanwhile, Rivera is somewhere standing with his arms folded being passive-aggressive. That isn't a winning formula.

Let's take a look at key numbers from the Commanders' 40-20 loss to the Bears.