Josh Harris calling on experience to put ambitious Commanders plans into action

The new Commanders owner is willing to invest to make his dreams for the franchise come true.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Harris has laid down his big plans and will call on experience to put his grand plans for the Washington Commanders into action.

Josh Harris was back at Washington Commanders training camp practice on Wednesday to see his squad in pads for the first time. Instead of being a distraction, the ownership group's figurehead is a reminder for those around that higher standards are in place and failure won't be the norm for much longer - something that's already heightened the level of urgency across the entire franchise in recent weeks.

It's been a time for celebration across the Commanders, which clearly overwhelmed Harris and his team of wealthy investors. Even a lifelong Washington supporter had forgotten the magnitude of passion among the fanbase, which is understandable considering there's been very little of it on display throughout Dan Snyder's incompetent ownership.

Harris instantly made fans believe anything is possible once again. This is a man with deep roots within the D.C. area, has thrived in the business world, and also boasts plenty of experience running sports franchises to further increase confidence.

Josh Harris will invest to improve the Commanders

When speaking about how his time with the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers can help with his own transition into the Commanders, Harris stated via Sports Illustrated that investment is the key to creating a winning culture both on and off the field. Again, this represents a refreshing change of pace from the previous owner, who cut every corner imaginable.

"I think obviously what I've learned from the Sixers, the Devils and other things is that you win championships with the best people in the front office, the best coaching staff. You win by investing. You win by creating a fan experience where people want to come out and support the team. This is really hard. And you win by creating an amazing culture, which we talked about is about respect, inclusivity and diversity."

Josh Harris via Sports Illustrated

Everything that comes out of Harris' mouth is a breath of fresh air. There is a real purpose to get this franchise out of the doldrums and into relevancy, which is a lot to ask considering the mess the group inherited from Snyder.

The new bleachers at training camp were just the start. A potential name change remains at the forefront of some fans' minds, but there are more pressing priorities such as putting a stadium plan in place and improving the overall experience at FedEx Field, where the Commanders are likely to reside for the next decade.

Harris' primary focus also centers on learning the football operation from Ron Rivera and other influential figures within the organization in recent months. This will provide ownership with a better indication of how things work and will assist in their decision-making process depending on how the team fares during the regular season.

Speculate to accumulate. That seems to be the objective for Harris and his investors in pursuit of getting the Commanders off the canvas and back into the fight.

Washington has an owner to be proud of once again. Harris knows what this fanbase has been through and that talk is cheap - so actions will speak far louder than any words after 24 years of false promises, no accountability, and absence at the very top.

There's a long, hard road ahead. But Harris' honeymoon is off to a great start.