Jonathan Allen provides player perspective on Commanders' sale

Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan Allen provided an interesting player perspective surrounding the franchise's upcoming sale.

It can't have been easy for those in the building to operate effectively with the Washington Commanders sale and other concerning revelations from the Dan Snyder era proving a huge distraction. Thankfully, this is almost at an end.

Head coach Ron Rivera has adopted a business-as-usual mentality throughout. Still, with constant news, allegations, and speculation, one could be forgiven for having half an eye elsewhere.

Even now as the team's sale to the group led by Josh Harris goes through the vetting process, it's restricting the Commanders. Rivera stated everything is on hold regarding potential contract extensions for the likes of Kamren Curl, which could mean Washington ends up paying more to keep the talented safety around in the long run.

There's nothing Rivera or the Commanders can do about that. What's important for them - especially at this time of year - is focusing fully on laying the right foundations ahead of what will hopefully be a successful season with the spotlight glaring.

Jonathan Allen unfazed by upcoming Commanders sale

It's easy to forget the players in all this, too.

When asked about the sale and its potential to distract, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen stated via USA Today Sports that the dark cloud hasn't or shouldn't stop him or his teammates from doing their job and giving maximum efforts despite the uncertainty.

"You know, honestly, for the player, it doesn’t change much. From a player’s standpoint, we’re focused on the season. Of course, Dan Snyder owning the team, we had to answer questions about it, but it didn’t affect us as much as people may think. At the end of the day, I get paid to play double teams and rush the passer. Whoever is signing my paychecks that doesn’t affect how I’m going to do my job. It just makes it so we don’t have to answer those questions anymore."

Jonathan Allen via USA Today Sports

Allen is one of the team's firmly established figures within the locker room, so he can speak on behalf of most. The two-time Pro Bowler has witnessed some bad football teams together with plenty of controversy in Washington since he was taken at No. 17 overall in 2017, but he's seen a notable shift in energy across the fanbase that hopefully inspire the players to bigger things next time around.

"I definitely do. The fan[s], honestly, are more affected than I was. I know a lot of fans were unhappy with the way a lot of things were run, so just to see the energy from the fans, you know, is just exciting. This is a great city, and I know that once we get things going and rolling, this city is gonna be on fire. So I’m excited."

Jonathan Allen via USA Today Sports

Providing the Harris group's purchase encounters no stumbling blocks before an official vote to rubber-stamp the deal this summer, FedEx Field is going to be absolutely rocking in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals. The Commanders are heavy favorites for the clash currently, so all signs point to kicking off the upcoming campaign with more positivity than ever before.

The former Alabama star is going to be an integral part of any success that comes Washington's way next season. Allen and the Commanders' defensive front is among the team's legitimate strengths and if Chase Young stays healthy, it might be the NFL's best when it's all said and done.

For now, the energy shift can be the catalyst for Allen and others until it's time to cross the white lines in a competitive setting.