Jayden Daniels hype train reaches warp speed as Commanders rumors grow

Momentum continues to build around Jayden Daniels...
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders potentially picking quarterback Jayden Daniels at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft continues to gain traction.

Speculation continues to run rampant about which quarterback the Washington Commanders will take at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Nothing has been ruled out by general manager Adam Peters - including a potential trade-down for a king's ransom - but at this juncture, it would be a huge shock if they didn't stand pat and select what will hopefully become a franchise-caliber presence under center.

Drake Maye is under consideration and could have more upside. The J.J. McCarthy chatter seems to be dying down after his betting odds tumbled following a successful pro day showcase. However, Jayden Daniels remains the favorite.

Commanders 'likely' to take Jayden Daniels at No. 2

Most mock drafts now have the Commanders taking Daniels. Colin Cowherd from FOX Sports further cemented this claim, stating people he's talking to around the league seem to believe the LSU prospect will hear his name called second after Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears at No. 1.

"Alright, I have been told the Washington Commanders, right now, as of today, would choose Jayden Daniels, LSU quarterback, as their top pick. I’m told they believe he’s more consistent than Drake Maye. He is quicker, more mobile than Drake Maye. And offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, who will have some say in this, has had multiple quarterbacks in his college and pro coaching career that play like him. Quarterbacks like Jayden Daniels are important; they are very hypermobile, and that matters a lot. Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, as you’re trying to figure out the sophisticated NFL pocket, and all it asks, it gives you a couple of years to pick up first downs and move the sticks with your feet. Even Patrick Mahomes acknowledged the light didn’t truly go on until year three. But the ability to move, Washington has a bad offensive line, pick up first downs with those feet as you’re learning the game is important."

Colin Cowherd via USA Today Sports

The Commanders are remaining tight-lipped as part of Adam Peters' professional approach to the football operation. That said, momentum at this stage of the pre-draft process holds more weight.

Daniels looks like the most pro-ready of all the quarterback prospects aside from Williams. One could make a case for Maye having the highest ceiling if certain areas of his game are worked out, but the Heisman Trophy winner also boasts a level of untapped potential after his meteoric rise to prominence in 2023.

Kliff Kingsbury's scheme looks tailor-made for Daniels if the Commanders went in this direction. His ability to conjure magic off script and generate yards on the ground makes him a nightmare to scheme against. However, the signal-caller will need to learn how to keep himself out of harm's way given the concerns attached to his slender frame.

Discussions are ongoing and no final decision has likely been made as yet. Peters and his staff will be extremely thorough when one considers the importance of this choice - something that could rapidly speed up their rebuild or leave them with an uphill battle to contention.

Daniels has the exciting athletic attributes to get fans back into the stands and more importantly, wins on the board. This also looks like a tremendous set-up for any rookie quarterback if the Commanders find a cornerstone left tackle and improved pass-catchers with their rich draft assets.

Exciting times indeed.