Insider oracle drops major hint about Commanders quarterback choice

Are the signs becoming clearer?

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A leading insider dropped a major hint about which quarterback the Washington Commanders will take at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

It won't be much longer before fans find out which quarterback the Washington Commanders will take at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Speculation remains rampant and everyone has their preferred signal-caller. But the only guarantee appears to be Caleb Williams going to the Chicago Bears at No. 1.

This means, to a certain extent, the Commanders control what happens from then on. Adam Peters and his staff are amid thorough evaluations ahead of their franchise-altering decision. There haven't been any leaks about a potential lean at this juncture, which keeps everyone guessing and only adds to the level of uncertainty across the fanbase.

All the smart money seems to suggest it's a three-horse race. Jayden Daniels is the favorite among sportsbooks, closely followed by Drake Maye after the North Carolina prospect's odds took a slight step in a positive direction. J.J. McCarthy is the wildcard, but it would be a huge shock if the Commanders went in this direction.

Adam Schefter thinks the Commanders will draft Jayden Daniels

Adam Schefter of ESPN provided a major hint about what the Commanders might do with the No. 2 pick. Based on what he's hearing, the respected insider seems to believe Daniels will be the guy based on comments via his latest podcast.

"I know we're not supposed to spoil picks. We'll see how the Commanders decide to move forward with the number two overall selection. But a little over a few weeks out, to me, I think the signs continue to point to Jayden Daniels being the second overall pick. Seems like he's popular in the scouting community and he would bring a lot of the attributes that the Commanders would like. I think Jayden Daniels would have a high level of interest in the Las Vegas Raiders and the Las Vegas Raiders would have a high level of interest in Jayden Daniels. But there's one problem. The Commanders have the second pick, and I think Jayden Daniels is gonna be somebody that really appeals to them as he would a lot of teams, as talented as he is. And it's hard for me today, today to see Jayden Daniels sliding much past pick number two. So let's pencil him in there. And I know we're not supposed to reveal the picks in advance. We don't know what the picks will be, right? But again, we'll see how the shakes out."

Adam Schefter, ESPN

When Schefter talks, people listen. Don't forget, this is the man who claimed before all else that Ben Johnson becoming Commanders' head coach was not the done deal many anticipated. Most scoffed at the notion before it became reality. He was also right about Dan Quinn not being the Seattle Seahawks' preferred target.

There isn't much Schefter doesn't hear or know about goings on around the NFL. He's deeply connected and someone people go to first with information. While he didn't officially confirm the Commanders' intentions, this opinion based on conversations carries a significant amount of weight attached.

This pick won't please everyone, but Daniels is an electrifying prospect capable of leading the Commanders to prominence. He's got enough arm strength to make effortless throws at all three levels of the field, is a supreme dual-threat with exceptional pocket navigation, and his leadership by example is something else that ticks the boxes of what Peters is reportedly looking for.

Daniels also looks like the most pro-ready quarterback emerging from the college ranks this year. One could make a strong case for Williams and Maye having far more upside, but the Heisman Trophy winner is a Day 1 starter with franchise-changing credentials in his own right.

Schefter seems to believe that the Commanders are leaning this way. Those around the league might be telling him this, but the only opinions that matter are those in Washington's war room when the time comes.

If the choice is Daniels, every Commanders fan needs to support the decision. This also looks like a tremendous situation for any first-year quarterback to walk into thanks to the vast improvements made by Peters and Quinn. Expecting miracles right away is unrealistic, but the LSU prospect has more going for him than most.

Until the big night, we wait…