Hall of Famer urges Commanders to make late swoop for Bill Belichick

Howie Long believes Bill Belichick would be perfect for the Commanders...

Bill Belichick
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Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long urged the Washington Commanders to make a late swoop for Bill Belichick.

Talks have been heating up between Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons. The legendary head coach had his second interview with the organization recently. They are casting their net far and wide, but it seems as if he's in strong contention to find another job immediately after parting ways with the New England Patriots.

The Washington Commanders were linked with Belichick before the cycle got underway. However, the national insiders' claims have been shot down by those with a closer association with the team locally. There's also no confirmed approach with Josh Harris' brain trust focusing their attention on the seven confirmed candidates.

Commanders seen as perfect landing spot for Bill Belichick

It would be a bombshell if the Commanders threw their hat in the ring. That didn't stop Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long from urging Washington to make a late swoop for Belichick based on comments via The Spun. Something the current FOX analyst believes the perennial Super Bowl winner should strongly consider.

"I think the quarterback is a key component… I think you gotta get the number one, number two, or number three spot. If I were Bill, if I thought Washington could get a quarterback, I might go to Washington. Bill is an Annapolis guy, his dad coached there, he’s an East Coast guy, he likes the water, has a boat with eight rings on it."

Howie Long via The Spun

Harris is a known admirer of Belichick. He reportedly did some background work to potentially approach if the opportunity arose. But it seems as if the hiring committee consisting of Bob Myers, Rick Spielman, and new general manager Adam Peters have other ideas.

Howie Long / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Belichick is a win-now appointment. He's 71 years old. He doesn't have many years left before leaving the game entirely. Somewhere like the Falcons - where they are seemingly a quarterback away from entering legitimate playoff consideration - makes much more sense for a coach who is just 15 wins away from breaking Don Shula's record.

The Commanders are heading in a different direction. This is a substantial rebuild awaiting the storied franchise. There's a chance it could be sped up given the resources available to Peters this offseason. But all signs point to those in power hiring a progressive young coach such as Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

There's no doubt Belichick might welcome a return to familiar surroundings at this late stage of his career. The chance to wake up a sleeping giant is appealing, especially thanks to the ambitious plans for progress laid out by Harris and his wealthy team of ownership investors.

Despite Long's plea, it's going to fall on deaf ears. If the Commanders had any interest in Belichick, they'd have already made a call. This is an organization going about its business with purpose and conviction this offseason. No way Harris wouldn't have at least brought him in for a conversation.

It won't be Belichick. But we should find out over the next few days who impressed the Commanders enough for a second interview. Johnson is the hot favorite - and rightfully so. Others such as Bobby Slowik, Mike MacDonald, Raheem Morris, and Dan Quinn are other strong candidates for the job.

After pulling off a coup with Peters, anything is possible. But the Belichick train left the station long ago.