Grading the Commanders' latest four moves including Michael Davis signing

Adam Peters has been incredibly active during his early roster building.

Michael Davis
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Grading the Washington Commanders' latest four offseason moves, including the team's decision to sign cornerback Michael Davis.

The Washington Commanders still have the league's most available salary-cap space despite a flurry of signings to start free agency. Adam Peters has completely shifted the franchise's football business model. There is a methodical, sensible approach to roster construction that's strengthened in the short term and keeps financial flexibility for the future.

No fewer than 19 players have been acquired or re-signed up to now. Peters is gutting the roster and upgrading key positions. Much more will be needed, but Washington can make additional moves in the veteran market before utilizing their draft bounty to their advantage.

Players are actively choosing the Commanders over others, which is another bonus. Having Peters and head coach Dan Quinn present is making the league look at this once-toxic operation differently. Whether immediate on-field strides are made remains to be seen, but there is a legitimate plan in place for sustained growth at long last.

With that being said, we graded the four latest Commanders' offseason moves, including two new cornerback arrivals.

Commanders let Joey Slye walk

When the Washington Commanders signed kicker Brandon McManus, it signaled the end of Joey Slye's time with the organization. One could argue that Ron Rivera was way too loyal to the player. His accuracy was erratic throughout his 2.5-year stint with the franchise, so the time for a fresh start was long overdue.

Grade: A

Slye found work relatively quickly, signing a one-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars to replace McManus. Looking at how things unfolded for the player - who gained an 84.8 percent field goal percentage in Washington - this was the only possible outcome in pursuit of progression.