Failed former Commanders quarterback incredibly keeps falling up

The NFL is a strange place...

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Failed former Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz keeps falling up after securing another decent move in free agency.

Of all the terrible quarterback moves made by Ron Rivera during his time as Washington Commanders head coach, trading for Carson Wentz was the worst. Despite the veteran signal-caller demonstrating steep regression, the experienced figure decided to hand over valuable draft capital in the faint hope he could galvanize the player's career in a different environment.

We all know how that worked out.

Wentz was released after just one season as Rivera gave Sam Howell his shot on the quarterback carousel. It took a while for the former No. 2 overall selection to find work, eventually landing with the Los Angeles Rams to become Matthew Stafford's understudy.

Former Commanders star Carson Wentz lands No. 1 backup job

After the Rams decided to go in a different direction despite Wentz flashing during his only start, one had to wonder whether that would be the end of his indifferent career. As it turned out, the signal-caller kept falling up thanks to his next destination.

According to multiple reports, Wentz has signed for the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs on a one-year deal. He'll be the primary backup to Patrick Mahomes, which is arguably the best No. 2 spot anywhere in the league.

Talk about good luck.

The Chiefs won't want Wentz to see the field at any stage. Mahomes is their golden ticket and the NFL's best quarterback. Any extended involvement for the North Dakota State product means injury misfortunate has struck. Something that would significantly jeopardize their chances of achieving a historic three-peat next time around.

Looking at his career trajectory, one has to ask why contending teams keep giving him chances. While there's a lot to be said about having a dependable veteran with proven experience as a contingency plan, it's not like Mahomes needs a mentor at this stage of his career. Wentz also seems a little rigid to fit seamlessly into Andy Reid's creative system to raise eyebrows further.

There is a financial aspect to factor into the equation. The Chiefs aren't exactly flush with cash thanks to some high earners - Mahomes included. Wentz's contract demands won't break the bank - especially with the added incentive of gaining another ring. Those in power felt that adding him to the depth chart would be a better alternative than relying on a draft pick or unproven commodity if the worst happened to their prized possession.

It makes sense, to a certain extent. But looking at Wentz's performance levels with the Commanders, Indianapolis Colts, and during his final days on the Philadelphia Eagles, it represents a gamble of epic proportions.

As for the Commanders? They'll be looking to resolve their quarterback conundrum with a future franchise player at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. It remains to be seen which prospect Adam Peters and Dan Quinn end up choosing, but the bar isn't exactly high after some woeful starters in the years after Kirk Cousins bolted for the Minnesota Vikings.

Wentz must be feeling pretty good about himself right now. Opportunities seem to fall at his feet. This latest - albeit from a backup role - is easily the best he could have hoped for.