Commanders veteran lavishes praise on Jayden Daniels' smooth transition

This was a glowing reference.
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for Jayden Daniels to establish himself. The Washington Commanders placed a significant amount of faith in the quarterback by selecting him at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. It looks like a sound investment so far.

It's early days, but Daniels' exceptional promise is hard to ignore. His on-field prowess is renowned. However, it's his tireless work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile for improvements that's stood out above all else.

Commanders WR Terry McLaurin lauds Jayden Daniels' work ethic

This is something not going unnoticed by the player's teammates. Veteran wide receiver Terry McLaurin was gushing in his praise of Daniels, highlighting the signal-caller's ability to process information and command of the huddle as two primary positives from his early integration based on comments via Fan Nation.

"I think the first thing that stood out to me about Jayden Daniels is the poise. By the time the rookies got there, we pretty much had four or five installs in and I think coach (Kliff) Kingsbury did a great job of trying to integrate everybody at the same time. So when the rookies got there, we started from ground one, but it seemed like he knew the entire offense when we got there. He's in there calling the huddles through the walkthroughs. He's in there calling the plays and he's extremely confident and it is a testament to his preparation and his studying that he did on his own. But also I just think the kid loves ball and he has a good feel for the game. So I think he really came in with the right mindset and energy and guys are already gravitating to him."

Terry McLaurin via Fan Nation

Daniels' arrival is music to McLaurin's ears. The Pro Bowler's performed remarkably well considering he's had no consistent presence under center since joining the Commanders as a third-round selection in 2017. If the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU meets expectations, the wideout can reap significant rewards along the way.

McLaurin is a locker room alpha. For him to make such bold statements about Daniels speaks volumes about how he's adapted. But in all honesty, the Commanders expected nothing less from someone who rose to prominence gradually at the collegiate level.

If the same trend continues throughout the summer, Daniels and McLaurin will quickly become a productive tandem. The Commanders will depend on them heavily, but they cannot do it alone. They need the offensive line to meet specific targets and the running game to set the tone. After that, everything should fall into place.

Winning over established figures was an important first step for Daniels. If McLaurin sees it, others will too. He's someone everyone can get behind and spearhead the Commanders to better fortunes under new head coach Dan Quinn in 2024 and beyond.

There's a long way to go and a lot of hard work ahead. Daniels knows that better than anybody, but he's off to the best possible start. If nothing else, it's a solid foundation from which to build.

McLaurin's comments only lend further weight to these claims.