Commanders TV relic highlights hard work ahead for Josh Harris

It was another moment of ridicule for FedEx Field.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A viral video of an antique flatscreen television highlighted the hard work ahead for Washington Commanders majority partner Josh Harris.

It's no secret that Dan Snyder's lack of investment sent the Washington Commanders into a downward spiral of incompetence. One video that went viral following Week 17 against the San Francisco 49ers is proof of how much work is ahead for Josh Harris' ownership group.

After the Niners disposed of Washington, players quickly went to the locker room to see the conclusion of what turned out to be a huge upset for the Arizona Cardinals over the Philadelphia Eagles that clinched the No. 1 seed for Kyle Shanahan's men. Seeing larger-than-life characters surrounding a television that can be best described as an antique in the FedEx Feld dungeon seemed fitting.

Josh Harris has big plans to turn the Commanders around

Snyder has a lot to answer for. He won't care after walking away almost $6 billion richer. But this short, damning clip somehow made things more embarrassing for a four-win team who now possess the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft after another lackluster campaign.

Tim Ryan describing it as Michael Scott's flatscreen TV was hilarious, granted. While it's worth remembering that visiting teams don't get the same luxuries, substantial investment is needed to bring this crumbling stadium to NFL standards.

Thankfully, this is something Harris and his team of wealthy investors immediately identified. They moved instantly to improve the fan experience throughout training camp. They've pumped millions into FedEx Field in a short space of time. It doesn't sound like much, but it's made a big difference.

Of course, the only way to shift this narrative is with a new, lavish, state-of-the-art stadium. The planning process is well underway, with three primary districts throwing their hat into the ring to potentially entice Harris into an agreement.

There will be more ridicule on the way. FedEx Field is a laughing stock. No amount of investment is going to change that fact. For Harris and others, it's all about forming a sound foundation for a successful future.

It'll take time. Things like a television from the dawn of the millennium situated in the away locker room are going to come up. It doesn't paint the Commanders in a great light, but that's got nothing to do with the new era and Harris' tireless commitment to get Washington among the industry leaders once again.

Change is happening. More alterations are on the way. A dusty old television and the subsequent comedy on social media that followed cannot shift this narrative. I cannot stress that enough.

If Harris gets it right, those laughing will be doing so on the other side of their face before long.