Commanders Rumors: 5 offensive candidates to replace Ron Rivera

It's time the Commanders do what's best for the future of their franchise
Washington Commanders, Ron Rivera
Washington Commanders, Ron Rivera / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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5. Ben Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions

Finally, we come to the guy who will probably end up as the most coveted coaching candidate at season's end. Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was looked at last year, even, as a head coaching candidate. But, he ultimately decided to stay with the Lions because he liked what they were building.

It turns out, Johnson made the right call and is only furthering his candidacy going forward. As alluded to previously, the Lions are the league's no. 2 offense in yards per game and no. 8 in scoring. They are one of just a few teams who rank in the top 10 in both rushing and passing this year, and look like a true contender in the NFC.

What Johnson has been able to do with Jared Goff is as impressive as it was improbable at first. Goff wasn't supposed to be the franchise quarterback when he was part of the Matthew Stafford trade. But, Goff is playing some of the best football of his career and, one could argue that he's been even better than Stafford altogether over the past couple of years.

Johnson is ready for this gig, and he'll be a head coach by the start of next season. Will it be in Washington?