Commanders roundtable: Awards, record predictions and potential surprises in 2023

A big campaign awaits the Commanders in 2023.

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Commanders record projection in 2023

Hirdesh: Ron Rivera’s typical slow starts don't bode well for the Washington Commanders. Especially given the match-ups from Week 2-4 against a Sean Payton-led Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills, and the Philadelphia Eagles on the road.

If the team can manage to go 2-2 in its first four games, I can see the team closing the season strong, resulting in a 10-7 record and a Wild Card spot.

Jon: There has only been one season in the past eight in which the Commanders have not won seven, eight, or nine games. If you are placing any money on this, you would be wise to remember those numbers.

Vegas has Washington at 6.5 wins in 2023. I’m going to say 7-10, which is a step back from last year. But there’s a caveat.

The Commanders will be a better team on the field in 2023. They just won’t have a ton of wins to show for it, in part because of a difficult late-season schedule, and in part because there will be growing pains from the young quarterback.

On a bright note, that 7-10 record will be the worst mark Washington will have for the next five years.

Dean: It's difficult to gauge where the Commanders stack given the inexperience of Sam Howell and not having a good look at Eric Bieniemy's schematic concepts during the preseason. We all know what the defense will be, it's on offense where the X-factor lies.

If the Commanders can become a more efficient operation under Bieniemy and everyone stays relatively free of injuries, then finishing with a 9-8 record represents a feasible objective despite a difficult-looking schedule. This might also be enough for a Wild Card berth within an underwhelming NFC conference.