Commanders player launches ambitious recruitment drive after Dan Quinn hire

This would certainly be a bombshell development, however unlikely it might be...

Jahan Dotson
Jahan Dotson / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Dan Quinn's appointment as Washington Commanders head coach and one player's recent comments didn't go unnoticed by Jahan Dotson.

It didn't take long for one Washington Commanders player to stir the pot after reports surfaced about Dan Quinn securing the team's head coaching position. This centered on one of the league's most dominant defensive players in a bid to lure him to the nation's capital.

Quinn is highly respected, that goes without saying. The Commanders believe he is the right man to take the franchise into a prosperous new era. Whether their forced pivot after Ben Johnson spurned advances at the 11th hour tipped the scales is up for debate. But dwelling on that too much isn't going to do anyone good with the future in mind.

One of Quinn's biggest strengths is leadership. He's also a renowned relationship builder with his players. Almost nobody who's played under the newly appointed head coach has a bad word to say about his methods. Others go one step further in their praise.

Micah Parsons made no secret of his admiration of Quinn when speaking about the prospect of him leaving for a top job. The All-Pro edge rusher even hinted that he could join his professional mentor if the right situation presented itself based on comments via

"Dan's my guy. And if he do leave me, it's always love. He might take me with him, you never know. I think he does a great job finding ways for you to love the game, finding ways to go around the game. It doesn't always have to be hard-nosed, 'I'm the coach.' I think it's more of a friendship. We go through what I don't like, what I do like. He doesn't just treat me like a player, he treats me almost like a friend. He's always there when I need him and we're not afraid to have those hard conversations, either it's father to son or player to coach, we have them no matter what."

Micah Parsons via

This didn't go unnoticed by Parsons' former college teammate Jahan Dotson. Soon after the news became public knowledge, the third-year wide receiver sent out a social media post stating the Commanders would welcome him with open arms if he went through with the wild scenario.

While the benefits of adding Parsons to the Commanders' defense are there for all to see, it's a complete non-starter even if the player wanted it. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not going to let him go without a significant fight, let alone to a division rival. The trade compensation would be extortionate. There's also the small matter of the Penn State product's upcoming contract extension, which could reach record-breaking levels.

Dotson probably knows it's not going to happen. That didn't him from sticking the knife into Dallas fans and causing a stir. Jones has fought hard to keep Quinn previously, but this was a job too promising to turn down.

It won't be Parsons, but the Commanders are desperate for help at the edge rusher position after trading Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the deadline. Adam Peters is an exceptional talent evaluator. Quinn will have his ideas when it comes to potential acquisitions. But time is of the essence after Washington left it later than anyone to find their next head coach.

And who knows, maybe Parsons will make things difficult. Pipedream or not, it's fun to think about.