Commanders News: Tress Way, Sam Howell, Daron Payne, and becoming desirable

Tress Way
Tress Way / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Which Washington Commanders news stories are hitting the headlines with less than one month remaining until the team's training camp in Ashburn?

Greetings on this fine Monday as I return from a much-needed vacation of blissful chaos in Spain with the family. There's been plenty to ponder where the Washington Commanders are concerned, with less than a month remaining until the team gets down to business at their annual training camp in readiness for the 2023 season.

Among the news stories causing conversation recently include Sam Howell's leadership, Daron Payne's status, Tress Way's standing, and why the Commanders are not an attractive free-agent destination currently.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders ensure Tress Way gets special rights

There has been plenty of change on and off the field in recent seasons. But there remains one mainstay on the Washington Commanders roster that is widely considered to be among the best at his position anywhere in the league.

Tress Way's performances as a punter often get overlooked. However, it is nonetheless important and matched by ever-increasing leadership for good measure.

When discussing how his role and experience were currently being perceived within Washington's locker room, Way stated to Julie Donaldson via USA Today Sports that fellow veteran Jonathan Allen makes everyone fully aware of the two-time Pro Bowler's standing.

"Jon Allen makes sure I have special rights. I don’t actually have them myself, but whenever you have J.A. telling you what is up, everybody listens to him. So yeah, I’m glad I got in good with him… as long as he’s got my back, I have special rights, yes."

Tress Way via USA Today Sports

Considering how many close games the Commanders found themselves in last season, Way's punting could make a big difference in the overall outcome of games. Because all this formidable defense needs is some good field position to make things happen consistently.