Commanders News: Trade drama, Chase Young, Josh Harris and draft picks

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Josh Harris
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Commanders 2024 draft picks after trades

The Washington Commanders set the rebuilding wheels in motion under Josh Harris' ownership group by trading Montez Sweat and Chase Young. Things might get worse before they get better, but the franchise is at least forming a concise plan for long-term prosperity after years of band-aid fixes and rash moves failing to reap the necessary rewards.

This will sting in the short term unless players like Casey Toohill, James Smith-Williams, and others step up and fill the void. But boosting draft assets while significantly saving on the salary cap by not having to extend Sweat or Young provides the sort of flexibility that will be enticing for any future general manager or head coach if Harris goes in a different direction.

According to Tankathon, here's where the Commanders stand with their 2024 NFL Draft selections currently. They have three in the top 45, five in the top 100, and nine overall.

  • Round No. 1 (Pick No. 11)
  • Round No. 2 (Pick No. 37) - From Chicago
  • Round No. 2 (Pick No. 42)
  • Round No. 3 (Pick No. 73)
  • Round No. 3 (Pick No. 100) - From 49ers
  • Round No. 4 (Pick No. 108)
  • Round No. 5 (Pick No. 143)
  • Round No. 6 (Pick No. 188)
  • Round No. 7 (Pick No. 229)

Not bad by any stretch of the imagination. Attention now firmly turns to who'll be making these decisions when the time comes with pressure mounting to exponential levels where Ron Rivera's future is concerned.