Commanders News: Terry McLaurin, Sam Howell, Andre Jones and Dan Snyder

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Sam Howell
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Former Commanders owner Dan Snyder in trouble

Life without Dan Snyder has been prosperous, full of hope, and completely galvanized a fanbase that had been brought to its knees under the former owner. The Washington Commanders are now in much better hands led by Josh Harris, who boasts grand plans and supreme conviction in his bid to get the organization back to its previous standing.

If Snyder thought that taking a $60 million fine from the NFL relating to the Mary Jo White report before riding off into the sunset would have been the end of everything, he might be sorely mistaken. Rep. Jamie Raskin recently wrote a letter to Rep. James Comer via The Washington Times declaring the need to refer the billionaire to the Department of Justice for potentially lying under oath and also obstructing their 14-month investigation case against the Commanders.

"Making false statements to Congress and obstructing Congressional investigations are serious crimes. This Committee cannot conduct effective oversight if witnesses misrepresent and obscure the truth. I therefore urge you to hold Mr. Snyder accountable by referring him to the Department of Justice for investigation and, if warranted, prosecution, for lying under oath and obstructing this Committee’s investigation."

Rep. Jamie Raskin via Washington Times

Whether anything comes from this as Snyder lives it up on his lavish yacht is debatable. According to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports, the DOJ isn't going to press the matter despite some pretty significant evidence staring them in the face.

If this proves accurate, Snyder's slippery, slimy image lives to fight another day.