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Commanders HC Ron Rivera's mixed emotions

While getting out of Week 1 with a victory is always the most important thing - especially considering how much sloppy football there is around the league - Sunday's triumph against the Arizona Cardinals was one of mixed emotions for Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera.

Rivera stated via Pro Football Talk that he was obviously delighted with the win, things could have been more comfortable. Especially considering the turnovers and missed opportunities that came in abundance throughout the contest.

"I am, I am, because we had opportunities. I mean, our guys, they’ve been working hard and practicing hard, they’ve been getting better and for us to make those kinds of mistakes is disappointing. I know we are all disappointed, but we’re all thrilled. Believe me, I’m happy as hell. We won, I really am. But we got to play better. We really do, because again, we’ve worked hard, we’ve done things the right way, but details, we’ve got to be better with those."

Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk

Week 1 is always a case of shaking the rust off. Established stars don't play much in the preseason, so this is the first taste of meaningful reps aside from practice they've had since the 2022 campaign concluded.

It wasn't ever going to be perfect. But what's essential for Rivera and his staff is assessing the flaws and correcting them accordingly heading into this weekend's clash against the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium.