Commanders News: Sam Howell, Terry McLaurin, Mark Ein and Ron Rivera

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Commanders HC Ron Rivera's focus

Ron Rivera has been skipping to practice every day since the Washington Commanders fell under new ownership. Even after things boiled over almost constantly during Friday's practice, the head coach wasn't the surly figure we've become accustomed to over his first three years in the role, opting to put everything in perspective and focusing on the positives instead.

It's clear that the weight lifted from Rivera's shoulders without Dan Snyder was considerable. When speaking about the matter recently via Sports Illustrated, the respected figurehead outlined his intent to become more involved in the football aspect rather than having to deal with the distractions normally associated with the previous ownership regime.

"I think involvement primarily on the defensive side will increase. I mean, obviously [Defensive Coordinator] Jack [Del Rio] is still the coordinator, still will call all the plays and put the plans together, but I'll be around a little bit more. I will pop in on [Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator] Eric [Bienemy] and his guys a little bit more. Again, I will work with Eric, continue to mentor Eric and help him in his quest. But those are the types of things that I'll be able to focus a little bit more on."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

Considering what's at stake for Rivera next season with Josh Harris' group assessing everything associated with their newly-acquired franchise, having increased input on the team's strategies should serve the Commanders well. Whether it's enough to make the desired progress is the million-dollar question.