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Jayden Daniels
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Commanders WR Terry McLaurin's frustration

It's been a frustrating season for wide receiver Terry McLaurin. He still remains a huge part of the offensive strategy, but the numbers aren't what many expected once respected play-caller Eric Bieniemy came into the fold.

McLaurin could have his 1,000-yard receiving streak broken without a strong finish to the campaign. There's been reports of friction within the Washington Commanders and the former third-round pick was revealed to have clashed with Bieniemy during training camp according to recent revelations from John Keim and Jeremy Fowler of ESPN's exposé.

When discussing McLaurin recently, head coach Ron Rivera stated he'd spoken to him and Bieniemy about his concerns based on comments via USA Today Sports. This is the best way to go about things rather than crying anonymously to reporters far and wide.

"Yeah, I’ve talked with Terry before, and we’ve talked about those things, and I know he’s talked to Eric, and he’s gone in, and he and EB have good conversations from what I understand. That’s then to me that’s the way you handle it is you go in and you talk directly. I think that’s big of what he’s been doing. It’s been big of him to come in and fight the frustration and talk about it if that’s what needs to be."

Ron Rivera via USA Today Sports

The bye week is a good time to refresh and take stock. But with just four games remaining, it remains to be seen whether or not a miracle cure can be found.