Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, Montez Sweat and Derrick Gore

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Montez Sweat on Commanders contract extension

While others around the league are holding out until their contract extensions are cemented, that's not something that entered Montez Sweat's train of thought. The defensive end did skip voluntary workouts, but he never stopped working and returned to the team with renewed purpose in pursuit of laying the foundations for another profitable campaign.

The Washington Commanders haven't sorted anything out with Sweat as yet. Ron Rivera freely admitted that everything was on hold thanks to the ownership flux, but whether it's something that becomes official before Week 1 arrives now that Josh Harris' group is at the helm remains to be seen.

This would be an ideal scenario, especially considering Chase Young will also be a free agent in 2024 after the Commanders declined his fifth-year option. When asked about his contract predicament, Sweat stated via the team's website that he's taking everything in his stride, focusing on football, and letting the chips fall where they may.

"I mean, it's not necessarily an uncertainty. I mean you know it's gonna happen at some point. You just keep your head down and work. You listen to the guys, your peers around you. I mean, [DT's] Jon [Allen] and Daron [Payne], they give me nuggets and advice all the time on just keep on doing what you're doing and everything will come to fruition."

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Sweat has proven himself to be dependable, progressive, and productive in equal measure. Once edge-rushing phenom Nick Bosa resets the market with the San Francisco 49ers, it might be a little easier for the Commanders and the former Mississippi State star's representatives to work something out.