Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, draft standing and Brock Bowers

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Brock Bowers
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Commanders' dilemma with Sam Howell

While Sam Howell is far from the biggest problem facing the Washington Commanders, that doesn't guarantee he'll be under center in 2024. A new coaching and front office regime might have a completely different perception of the signal-caller. This could result in the organization selecting a quarterback with one of their high-end draft picks.

Finishing off the season strongly would enhance Howell's claims, but there's just no telling for sure at this juncture. David Harrison from Sports Illustrated highlighted the similarities between his first year as a starter and some perennial winners throughout NFL history. The writer also lent further weight to the claims Washington must do more to assist the former fifth-round pick out of North Carolina.

"Commanders quarterback Sam Howell has had his ups and downs this season, but the good moments are laced with signs he could be the one this franchise has been searching for years to find while his bad moments can be fixed with personnel, experience, and even some slight schematic adjustments. So while we all search for answers to solve Washington's winning problem, it's important to keep in mind that one man alone can't do it all - and the man filling the most important role is emulating production legends before him were able to grow into some of the winningest teams in NFL history."

David Harrison, Sports Illustrated

Howell has some impressive traits. He also has flaws. So it could legitimately go either way with landmark changes on the immediate horizon.