Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, draft standing and Brock Bowers

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Brock Bowers
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Ron Rivera's unwavering confidence

Ron Rivera's fate beyond the campaign seems done and dusted. Many anticipated the Washington Commanders to relieve the head coach of his duties after another losing season. Something that will signal the start of a (hopefully) exciting new era with Josh Harris' ownership group leading the charge.

Rivera is remaining professional amid almost constant speculation about his future. He's also expecting the same from his players and told them as much during a recent meeting based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"Well, I'd like to believe so. That's basically what the talk was about was. That that's what I told the guys, we've got four left. I expect everybody to be a professional show up, and do their job. Well, there are some things that most certainly can be changed, and then there's some things that just continue to work at it and get better at it."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

It's probably hard for players and coaches to remain motivated with little else to play for other than pride. But this is their job and having some personal belief is of critical importance to ensure their head coach leaves the franchise with his head held high.

Many players are also fighting for their respective futures. So the next few games could be the difference between getting an extension or the organization moving on.