Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, Benjamin St-Juste and Jonathan Allen

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Ron Rivera
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's frustration

As previously mentioned, the performance of Sam Howell in Week 10 further cemented his claims to be the Washington Commanders quarterback long-term. He's growing in stature with every passing contest, with decision-making and pocket poise just two critical areas that have developed considerably in recent weeks.

Howell's been quick to point out that results are all that matter to him. Something that was reflected in his comments littered with frustration in the game's immediate aftermath based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"I know this is an NFC opponent, and they're having a good year. They're winning football games, so they're obviously in the playoff conversation, but every game we play, we want to win no matter if they're ahead of us [or] behind us. No matter what it is, every single loss hurts, and we try to treat every single game like it's the most important game of the season."

Sam Howell via Sports Illustrated

The former North Carolina stud is a competitor and is always team-first. Howell is drawing national attention for his top-level performances and considering his fifth-round rookie deal is perfect to build around, this might be something Josh Harris moves forward with given his analytical approach.

All Howell can do is keep performing to the required standard, maintain his eye-catching growth, and hope other position groups also make the necessary improvements to finish the campaign strongly.

After that, it's out of his hands.