Commanders News: Sam Howell, Montez Sweat, Phidarian Mathis and Ron Rivera

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Sam Howell
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's mindset

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know quarterback Sam Howell is on course to smash the single-season record for sacks against. Some of these have been on the former fifth-round selection out of North Carolina thanks to hesitancy and holding onto the football for too long, but the inept offensive line also needs to shoulder plenty of blame.

Eric Bieniemy is placing a lot of strain on the protection by implementing a pass-heavy scheme. Finding the right balance could take the pressure off, but Howell is calling for everyone to stick together in pursuit of achieving their goals based on comments via Washington's website.

"I think it just comes down to we're all in this together. We have a lot of conversations about what we feel like we need to do and obviously the sack issue is what it is and we're all trying to fix it and we're all trying to do everything we can. We're all trying to do our part. I think the first way to solve that is everyone has to acknowledge what they need to do better. I think we have that in our room and we have that in our offense and everyone's acknowledging different ways that we can help each other out."

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This cannot continue for much longer. Howell is taking tremendous punishment and getting almost no time in the pocket to go through progressions. He's also in danger of getting seriously hurt or at least missing time if the same trend continues.