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Kamren Curl
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Commanders praise Kamren Curl's leadership

Now that the decision to trade Chase Young and Montez Sweat before the deadline has been made, attention turns to tying down a defensive lynchpin to ensure he remains with the franchise throughout his prime years. Kamren Curl's evolution from seventh-round afterthought to one of the league's most productive safeties dictates a bigger payday is upcoming - something the Washington Commanders should arguably prioritize above all else when the time comes.

Curl's consistency in coverage is improving, as is his leadership and ability to communicate effectively from the backend. Not having Darrick Forrest available has forced more on the former Arkansas star, who's risen to the challenge in no uncertain terms to further cement his claims for a longer-term commitment.

When discussing Curl's impact recently, Ron Rivera stated via SB Nation that he sees a more savvy approach all around from the player. Something that's played a key role in taking his game up another notch.

"Well, I’ll tell you, he’s been very solid for us, doing a lot of the good things that we ask of him and then doing more. I mean, he’s a terrific football player, a guy that is a veteran leader now. You see his play, it’s very savvy and it’s very timely. You see him come up with solid plays at the right time in terms of third down and making a big tackle or knocking the ball away, something like that. He’s been a solid force."

Ron Rivera via SB Nation

All signs point to Curl trending up for the foreseeable future. Even Josh Harris' new analytical approach should show that he represents a sound investment. Pay the man.