Commanders News: Sam Howell, Kendall Fuller, Ron Rivera and Bill Belichick

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Kendall Fuller
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Bill Belichick linked with Commanders

If Josh Harris' ownership group decides that a fresh direction is needed, there are plenty of intriguing candidates that should be considered. They'll also be eager to make a big splash in this scenario to put the Washington Commanders back on the map.

One name that's been touted as a potential Rivera replacement is Bill Belichick. There's a growing sense that his trophy-laden stint with the New England Patriots might be coming to an end, which is a sad conclusion to his glorious stint at the helm that came with countless Super Bowls and constant contention with quarterback Tom Brady leading the charge.

According to Mike Giardi from 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston via Sports Illustrated, Belichick is reportedly eager to continue coaching in 2024 - whether in New England or elsewhere. And the insider added the Commanders might be a team to watch depending on what happens in the coming months.

"Bill Belichick still wants to coach. So I know there’s been like this debate on, you know, Chris Simms put out like 'I don’t think he’s that you know I honestly I think if it’s going to go bad, I want it to look like I wasn’t planning on coaching anymore.' Yeah. I think I don’t think he’ll want to go out this way. I think you’ll want to coach. Like I said, I don’t think I don’t think you’d get much for him in a trade. But there are teams. Sure. I think the Commanders would be a team."

Mike Giardi va Sports Illustrated

Belichick is a coach/general manager with the Patriots and holds absolute power. Whether the Commanders would offer him something similar is debatable, especially as the game seems to be passing him by right now.