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Commanders QB Sam Howell's process

Sam Howell's growth into a productive starting quarterback is an ongoing process. The Washington Commanders gave him the confidence boost needed throughout the offseason, but what comes next is down to the player.

There have been some ups and downs throughout camp. The Commanders' defense is a tough proposition to overcome even in this sort of setting, but Howell has flashed moments of quality both in the passing game and when forced to get out on the move.

When discussing what the Commanders are currently working through with Howell, head coach Ron Rivera stated via the team's website that this centers on progressions, timing, and footwork. And make no mistake, this is a constant evaluation where the former fifth-round pick is concerned.

"That's one of the things that's been really cool is to watch him when you see him recognize it and process it. Part of it though is his timing has to get a little bit better when he does see it and get to it. And one of the things that I'm always looking for is as he goes through his progressions, where is that ball placement when he gets to his second or third progression? If that ball is slightly ahead right where it needs to be then you know he's processing on time. When it starts getting to that back shoulder and there's no defender here, then you know he's late. If there's a defender here, it should be on the back shoulder. But when you see it, when there's no reason for it to be there, then you know he's seeing it, but he's gotta process it faster. So, we're looking for those kind of hints as we're watching him on tape."

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This is all a steep learning curve for Howell. It's not going to be perfect and Rivera also mentioned things get a little sluggish later in practice when the signal-caller gets weary, but this is all part of the Commanders' process to ensure the second-year pro is ready to go in Week 1.