Commanders News: Sam Howell, Jamin Davis, Ron Rivera and power rankings

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Jamin Davis
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Sam Howell's self-scouting

Sam Howell's future beyond 2023 is getting plenty of attention right now. While the quarterback's done relatively well during his first season as a starter, there's just no telling what the next few weeks and months hold with the Washington Commanders set to implement wholesale changes under Josh Harris' ownership group.

Howell won't be worrying about that right now. Finishing the campaign positively will be the primary objective - starting this weekend versus a Los Angeles Rams defense susceptible to giving up big plays when the pass rush doesn't get home.

Ron Rivera stated via Sports Illustrated that Howell's undergone some impressive self-scouting during the bye week. The head coach also highlighted some areas of growth displayed by the former fifth-round selection out of North Carolina that should continue to blossom with more experience.

"Well, for the most part, it was a productive week of self-scout. But the biggest thing we got to see in terms of watching what Sam has done and some of the things that he's improved on you start seeing his footwork has been really good. It's just a little more confidence in stepping up, and with those eyes downfield consistently, when he’s done that, he’s been very, very effective. He has created some really good opportunities for himself downfield. Secondly, continuing to grow in helping with setting the protections and making the checks in terms of reading the pressures that are coming and then again, decision making and getting the ball out quickly. I mean, he's done a great job with all of that. As he continues to develop with that, that's going to really help."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

Howell can help his chances of manning the spot long-term over Washington's next four games. If others within the Commanders' locker room genuinely believe in their signal-caller, they'll be moving heaven and earth to assist.