Commanders News: Sam Howell, Jamin Davis, Ron Rivera and power rankings

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Jamin Davis
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Commanders LB Jamin Davis' growth

Jamin Davis' 2023 season came to an abrupt end thanks to shoulder surgery. The Washington Commanders will attempt to navigate their remaining four games without their most productive linebacker. Something that doesn't exactly inspire confidence when one considers how much the likes of Cody Barton have struggled.

Davis will look to get right heading into the final year of his deal if the Commanders don't pick up his option. When discussing the former first-round pick out of Kentucky, head coach Ron Rivera stated how much he's grown in Year 3 via SB Nation.

"I think a big part of it is as a WILL linebacker, playing that position and being able to read and get downhill, watching him run through and make plays, watching him in his coverage. He got the tough assignment having to cover a lot of really good backs. He was competitive doing that, he really was. Again, the more he played, the better he seemed to get. Sure, he made some mistakes, but man, he was really coming along and it’s unfortunate. So, he’ll get it taken care of and then we’ll go from there."

Ron Rivera via SB Nation

There is still some work ahead for Davis in pursuit of becoming a genuine three-down threat at the defensive second level. He'll get the chance to prove himself under the new coaching regime, one suspects. But the player should also expect increased competition once reinforcements arrive via free agency and the draft.