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Eric Bieniemy
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Eric Bieniemy on improving Commanders resilience

All the talk of players being unhappy with the way Eric Bieniemy is going about his business seems like a distant memory now. The respected offensive mind is getting a decent tune out of his offense and although it was against the Baltimore Ravens' second and third-string units, there was a lot to like about how his unit moved the football.

The Washington Commanders will face some tough upcoming challenges, there's no getting away from that. Bieniemy knows this better than anybody, but the play-caller is confident that some improved resilience within his squad can bring about better fortunes based on his comments via the team's website.

"Our guys are finding ways -- creative ways -- to drag themselves across the finish line. When you have that resilience, it's something that you can build upon. I'm starting to see the second effort. On top of that, I'm seeing guys play faster. So, all those things are just coming to light."

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The Commanders are enjoying their football again. It was a baptism of fire for many who've not experienced such high standards of excellence from their offensive coach before, but Bieniemy is eager to maximize this chance to enhance his own head coaching credentials and wants the very best for his players at all times.

Again, it won't be easy. But as Bieniemy knows from his trophy-laden stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, nothing worth having is.