Commanders News: Sam Howell, Eric Bieniemy, Chris Rodriguez and QB trade

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Chris Rodriguez Jr.
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Commanders need to improve collectively

As is normally the case under Ron Rivera, the quarterback carries the can when things aren't going well. While the mitigating circumstances around Sam Howell made things difficult, his regression in recent weeks was enough for the head coach to make one final alteration at football's most crucial position before being relieved of his duties.

Suspect quarterback evaluation is the biggest flaw of Rivera's tenure. But when discussing the move, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy highlighted the need for collective improvements based on comments via SB Nation.

"Like I said, the quarterback position is probably the most scrutinized position in all of football, but collectively, we got to play better as a group. That means I got to do a better job, guys got to do a better job of executing and playing, and we got to go out and making sure that we are doing everything under the sun that’s going to give us the best opportunity to have success."

Eric Bieniemy via SB Nation

Bieniemy put a tremendous amount on Howell's shoulders behind an offensive line that was conceding pressures at will. That's a lot for any signal-caller to cope with - let alone a player navigating his first season as a starter. So there is plenty of blame to go around rather than deciding to focus on the former fifth-round selection's recent downturn in performance levels.