Commanders News: Sam Howell, Emmanuel Forbes, Terry McLaurin and 2024 draft

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Sam Howell
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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes challenged

It was another torrid outing for Washington Commanders' cornerback Emmanuel Forbes against the Chicago Bears. Just why those in power felt it necessary to put the first-round selection against the opposition's primary threat consistently is anyone's guess, but the results were the same as what transpired at the Philadelphia Eagles, where he was torched by A.J. Brown.

Forbes was benched by the coaching staff to avoid any further complications as another game slipped away from the Commanders. It is clear a rethink is needed to take some pressure off the former Mississippi State star, but Ron Rivera's comments via The Washington Times indicate that the believes the defensive back is quickly becoming a weak link.

"I think doing what we did with Emmanuel [Forbes] was kind of the indicator that we can’t go through this anymore. Now it’s time. We have to continue to put the guys out there that we believe are going to get it done the right way."

Ron Rivera via Washington Times

Rookie corners go through more adjustments than most. That's been the case throughout NFL history aside from the elite few who manage to hit the ground running immediately.

Forbes has to play with more discipline and consistency, there's no getting away from that. But the Commanders must also do a better job of nurturing the player at an important stage of his early development.