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Jahan Dotson
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Commanders DE Chase Young's shade

It's been one week since the Washington Commanders decided to trade Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the 2023 deadline. This was done with the future in mind, but it came as a shock to see both depart given their importance to the team's plans on defense.

According to multiple reports, the Commanders were eager to move Young instead of Sweat before the Chicago Bears came in with an offer they couldn't refuse. There was a growing belief that things between the franchise and their No. 2 overall pick in 2020 weren't great, with injuries and questions about work ethic surfacing in the trade's immediate aftermath.

When speaking in front of the media on Monday, Young declared his delight about his switch to the San Francisco 49ers via USA Today Sports. The defensive end also threw shade at his former employers when discussing the differences in culture.

"I wasn't mad. Just stepping in here for today, got in here last week, just the culture, the vibe is a lot different. I definitely know that I'm in the building with winners. Just the players, the spirit in the locker room, the spirit of the coaches, you know, it's just different. It's kinda that same thing at Ohio State where it's like you're expected to win and it's just like that vibe of 'We're gonna win.' … Just the details of each play, the details of my assignment much more greater, so I see why they win."

Chase Young via USA Today Sports

Sweat has been a lot classier following his departure, which doesn't come as a great shock. This also adds further weight to the claims Washington will be better off without Young in the long run.