Commanders News: Sam Howell, elevations, Bill Belichick and Week 11

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Bill Belichick
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Should the Commanders want Bill Belichick?

There seems to be some growing momentum behind the Washington Commanders potentially making Bill Belichick their next head coach. The legendary figure's glittering spell with the New England Patriots seems to have run its course, with many insiders tipping Josh Harris to make a power play in the hope of bringing him to the nation's capital.

This was a subject discussed by Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated recently. The writer stated that a trade would need to be worked out given Belichick has one year remaining on his deal, but the question of why the Commanders would want the figurehead after struggling considerably since Tom Brady was allowed to leave for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was also brought up.

"Enter another wave of gossip regarding Bill Belichick, who along with his legendary status, it should be noted, has pretty much done the same thing in the last four years that Washington has done: One playoff berth. The coach would obviously not want his new team stripped of draft picks in a trade, so … Belichick would prefer to get fired? It's been noted that Josh Harris attended Harvard Business School with Jonathan Kraft, Robert's son. So the friendship could help negotiations. And if it all came together, it would leave just one more obstacle …Given the fact that Bill Belichick presently oversees arguably the NFL's worst team and has a losing record in the post-Tom Brady era … are the Commanders really sure they want him?"

Mike Fisher, Sports Illustrated

Although nothing can be ruled out at this stage, acquiring Belichick would be a bombshell of epic proportions. It could also be the big splash Harris and his team of wealthy investors are looking for as they look to get the Commanders back into contention.

Watch this space, I guess…