Commanders News: Sam Howell, Daron Payne, Frank Wycheck and Week 15

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Daron Payne
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's future

It won't be much longer before we find out what the future holds for Sam Howell. The quarterback has performed well overall in difficult circumstances this season. Whether that's enough for the new Washington Commanders regime to move forward with him as their starting signal-caller in 2024 is the million-dollar question.

When discussing this exact topic, John Keim of ESPN wasn't sure which way it would go. But if the Commanders end up with a chance to take either Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, all bets are off.

"It's impossible to say, considering we don't yet know who will be in charge of that decision. At 4-9, the Commanders are trending toward having a new general manager and coach this offseason. Current coach Ron Rivera has said numerous times how much he believes in Howell and his future, and defensive tackle Jonathan Allen has said multiple times Howell will be the quarterback for the next "five to 10 years." Washington currently projects to have the fourth overall pick, but even with that high selection, the Commanders might need to settle for the third-best quarterback in the draft with Chicago and New England likely having picks ahead of them."

John Keim, ESPN

Fixing the offensive line should be Washington's top priority. The Commanders should have a shot to draft either Joe Alt or Olumuyiwa Fashanu with their first-round pick. This would solve their left tackle issues for the next decade if they stay clear of injury.

After all, what's the point in having a shiny new quarterback if the protection in front of him doesn't get the priority it deserves?