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Ron Rivera
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Commanders HC Ron Rivera's gamble

One of the biggest challenges going to the Denver Broncos is the altitude in which Mile High Stadium is situated. There is about 17 percent less oxygen available at the site compared to a sea-level NFL stadium - something that proves to be the undoing of most who don't take this element seriously.

The Washington Commanders are well aware of the complications and preparing accordingly. However, Ron Rivera recently revealed a different approach that centers on arriving late to prevent the effects from impacting his players via Nicki Jhabvala from The Washington Post.

"There’s a study that tells you that the elevation doesn’t really get into you until after 24 hours. We’re trying to go on that science. Hopefully that’s what it is. Again, we’ll have the oxygen on the sideline, we’ll have all that stuff."

Ron Rivera via X/Twitter

This is certainly a different way of going about things. The typical method would be to arrive early and allow the lungs to become fully adjusted to a different climate and oxygen level, so whether it pays off or not remains to be seen.

Much like most things with Rivera, it's being perceived as a gamble. But he's clearly had enough convincing advice to move forward with this method as he looks to secure a priceless win on his travels.