Commanders News: Sale vote, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and another lawsuit

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Commanders facing another lawsuit

One parting shot for Dan and Tanya Snyder arrived on Monday and it had nothing to do with their departure later this week. According to multiple reports, former employee Jason Friedman is suing the team on defamation claims in Virginia, seeking $7.5 million in damages and a further $350,000 in punitive damages.

Friedman has asked for a jury trial after taking the measures at Loudoun County District Court on July 7. This stems from his testimony to the House Oversight Committee regarding toxic workplace culture within the Commanders and financial improprities that were adamantly denied by Snyder to the point of character assassination that led to this point.

The lawsuit claimed via John Keim of ESPN stated that the accusations leveled at Friedman by the Commanders caused irreparable damage to his reputation. It also led to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

"The Team responded to Mr. Friedman's allegations of financial improprieties by repeatedly and publicly calling him a liar, accusing him of committing the federal crime of perjury, and falsely implying that he was terminated as part of the Team's sexual harassment scandal that was being widely reported in the press. The Team's false statements about Mr. Friedman, which it has repeated or caused to be repeated in various public forums, have devastated him personally and professionally: [H]e suffers from severe anxiety and depression, will require ongoing medical treatment, and has been unable to find a comparable job due to the Team's deliberate and malicious destruction of his reputation."

Jason Friedman lawsuit via ESPN

Snyder is walking away this week and has reportedly resolved any remaining legal issues. So it remains to be seen what comes from Friedman's lawsuit.