Commanders News: Sale vote, Darrick Forrest, Josh Harris and Emmanuel Forbes

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NFL saves dates for Commanders sale vote

Almost immediately following a report that indicated Josh Harris had made the alterations needed to the financial aspect of his group's projected purchase of the Washington Commanders, another exciting development got fans in a frenzy. And it could be the biggest indicator yet that the end is near for this ongoing saga.

According to multiple reports via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the NFL has set aside two dates - July 20 and August 8 - for specially arranged meetings with the approval vote firmly in mind. This would mean Harris' group would take official charge during Washington's training camp heading into the 2023 season.

"The sale of the Commanders is moving toward a conclusion. And some of the really rich folks who might have vacations planned in late July and early August might have to revise their itineraries. Per multiple reports, the NFL informed its owners through a Friday, June 9 memo that they should hold the days of July 20 through August 8 for a possible meeting to vote on the approval of the sale of the Commanders from Daniel Snyder to Josh Harris."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Fans are slowly adjusting to optimism rather than pessimism over two decades. People can get almost attached to misery and moaning, but that might not be associated with the Commanders for much longer if the vote goes as everyone anticipates.

There are some exciting times ahead. If everything goes according to plan in the coming weeks, then a summer of celebration and jubilation awaits.