Commanders News: Sale urgency, Sam Howell, power rankings and Montez Sweat

Which Washington Commanders news stories are hitting the headlines as the quietest section of the NFL offseason is officially upon us?

Montez Sweat
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Commanders QB Sam Howell focused on improvements

It was a solid enough start for Sam Howell during early off-season workouts. The quarterback had his moments of struggle, but confidence within the Washington Commanders is clearly building as he gets set to lead the franchise under center in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Howell might have some time off before heading to Ashburn for training camp, but the hard work is continuing. When speaking to John Keim of ESPN, the former fifth-round selection has been watching Kansas City Chiefs film and focusing on the communication side of things in the hope it can have a positive effect.

"I feel like I’m a lot better. Once I knew we had E.B. [Bieniemy] I was watching Kansas City film and seeing what they were doing. I was able to match up my footwork. Coach EB says it all the time, to overcommunicate clarity. Just saying one more word, one more code word that means something they need to hear. The thing is that at Carolina we didn’t huddle. I couldn’t really talk to the guys. Now I can talk to the guys, let them know the plays. It challenges me more as a leader and allows me to be more vocal just because of the fact we’re in the huddle and I can see everybody. I can try to get guys fired up."

Sam Howell via ESPN

This positive mindset is getting everyone on the same page. His primary pass-catchers have all been glowing in their praise of Howell throughout OTAs and going up against Washington's exceptional defense daily is only going to serve him well when competitive action begins.

Will that be enough? Let's hope so.