Commanders News: Sale optimism, schedule, Chase Young and Quan Martin

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Commanders schedule is a mixed bag

The Washington Commanders and its passionate fanbase found out their fate when the 2023 regular-season schedule was officially released on Thursday evening. This was a chance for supporters to buy tickets, start planning trips, and see which games were worthy enough for primetime exposure.

It appears to be a mixed bag for the Commanders looking at the bigger picture. They have to get off to a good start with some winnable games early, but things get far tougher down the stretch as Ron Rivera looks to cement his long-term future as head coach.

For those living under a rock, here is the Commanders' schedule for the 2023 season:

  • Week 1: vs. Cardinals
  • Week 2: at Broncos
  • Week 3: vs. Bills
  • Week 4: at Eagles
  • Week 5: vs. Bears
  • Week 6: at Falcons
  • Week 7: at NY Giants
  • Week 8: vs. Eagles
  • Week 9: at Patriots
  • Week 10: at Seahawks
  • Week 11: vs. NY Giants
  • Week 12: at Cowboys
  • Week 13: vs. Dolphins
  • Week 14: BYE
  • Week 15: at LA Rams
  • Week 16: at NY Jets
  • Week 17: vs. 49ers
  • Week 18: vs. Cowboys

The release also represents an opportunity for social media teams, marketing personnel, and digital producers to shine. In the Commanders' case, their video contribution came with a topical theme and went down extremely well with fans and analysts alike.

Washington has a lot on the line next season. If Josh Harris' ownership group gets the green light to buy the franchise from Dan Snyder for $6.05 billion despite some hurdles to overcome, the pressure will increase exponentially as a result.

Nobody is more aware of this than Rivera, one suspects. But he's been all business up to now and this is likely to continue.