Commanders News: Ron Rivera, staff changes, Josh Harris and Sam Howell

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Sam Howell
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Commanders not planning staffing changes

This is usually the time of year when head coaches not reaching their targets begin looking for scapegoats. We've seen it already with the Buffalo Bills relieving offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey of his duties, with the Las Vegas Raiders going one step further by firing Josh McDaniels after a torrid run of results.

Although it's probably tempting for Ron Rivera to do the same, the experienced figurehead stated via SB Nation that throwing people under the bus isn't his style. Loyalty that should be commended and is extremely hard to find in the NFL.

"Because in this situation, this circumstance right now, there’s more than just one reason. I’m not looking to throw anybody under the bus or blame anybody. I want to get through this season. I want to get through this season with as many wins as we can have. I want to get in the playoffs. We have seven games left to play and we’ll see what happens. But I’m not going anywhere in terms of changing what I’m doing or changing my approach. We started this and I think we have an opportunity to do some good things. And again, just continue with the growth."

Ron Rivera via SB Nation

Whether this puts Rivera's future in more jeopardy remains to be seen. But much like when he experienced a similar situation with the Carolina Panthers, uncertainty is not going to deter him from his principles and the task at hand.