Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson

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Ron Rivera
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Which Washington Commanders news stories are hitting the headlines after the team's embarrassing loss against the Buffalo Bills in Week 3?

Well, that was a bump back down to earth.

The Washington Commanders were humbled in the worst way imaginable at home against the Buffalo Bills, which was an inept showing from start to finish and a damning indictment of how far this team is from genuinely contending. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Some harsh lessons await in the film room over the coming days. Before then, the stories causing debate include Ron Rivera's assessment, Terry McLaurin's advice, Antonio Gibson on another fumble, and Sam Howell's accountability.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders WR Terry McLaurin's advice

This was an afternoon to forget for the Washington Commanders. They weren't at the races and suffered accordingly against a team that smelled blood from the outset and had the conviction to make the home team pay in no uncertain terms.

Sam Howell bore the brunt of Washington's failings with an error-prone display. When discussing his quarterback, wide receiver Terry McLaurin stated via Clutch Points that it was the team's failings - not just one individual - and the challenge now is to put things right.

"It was a tough day for all of us, not just him. You're going to have tough days at the office. Some uglier than others. But that's what makes this grind so much sweeter. When you correct the thing you did wrong and next week you're able to show improvement."

Terry McLaurin via Clutch Points

Things don't get any easier for the Commanders with a trip to the Philadelphia Eagles. Make no mistake, we're about to find out how tough this team actually is.