Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Deonte Banks and Magic Johnson

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Ron Rivera
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Deonte Banks sounds off on Commanders

It was a complete embarrassment all around for the Washington Commanders in Week 11 en route to their seventh loss of the campaign. And one New York Giants player took this opportunity to stick the knife into the franchise for passing on him during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Deonte Banks - a prospect from nearby Maryland University - was overlooked in favor of former Mississippi State standout Emmanuel Forbes at No. 16 overall. Something that's put a huge chip on the cornerback's shoulder based on his Instagram live comments via CBS Sports.

"They could've (come) and got me at 16. And they didn't. Now I'm 2-0 against you bum ass boys. F--- the Commanders. They think they slick. They finna see me two times a year until the end of my career. Two times a year. Should've (come) and got me. I'm just trying to figure out, though, did 17 play today? That's all I wanna know. Did he play today? Did he play? I just wanna know if he played."

Deonte Banks via CBS Sports

Forbes is going through some complications as a rookie, which isn't uncommon. But make no mistake, Banks is going to be highly motivated whenever he comes up against the Commanders throughout his career - the fact he threw shade at Pro Bowl wideout Terry McLaurin makes this even worse.