Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Chase Young and Jason Wright

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Sam Howell
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Commanders thrilled with Chase Young

Chase Young left the knee brace at home for the start of Washington Commanders training camp. This was another major step forward for the defensive end, who comes into the upcoming campaign looking to alleviate concerns about his ability to remain healthy and make a telling contribution.

Young looks in tremendous shape and showcased his unique blend of power and explosiveness over the summer through workout videos. Something that didn't go unnoticed by head coach Ron Rivera based on his post-practice comments via SB Nation.

"I was very pleased with it. I mean, he had a good offseason, I do know that. I followed him on social media and every now and then, he’d send me a little text to show me what he’s been doing. Like I said yesterday too, one of the nice things was I know he went back and saw his old coach, his college coach, Coach Johnson who he’s got a tremendous relationship with. I know they worked on some of his things too as well, so he showed up ready to roll as were most of our guys. I think our guys came back in great shape and as I said, I was really pleased with the tempo in which they practice with."

Ron Rivera via SB Nation

The former Ohio State star certainly looked like a man with renewed confidence on the first day of practice. There will be tougher challenges for Young as part of his ongoing progression before Week 1, but things couldn't be going much better currently.

After everything Young and the Commanders have endured over the last two years, one could argue he's due a little bit of luck.