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Brian Robinson Jr.
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Commanders RB Brian Robinson Jr.'s mindset

Things have been much calmer for Brian Robinson Jr. this summer. The running back looks set to assume lead responsibilities within Eric Bieniemy's dynamic offensive system in 2023, with many analysts predicting the former third-round selection out of Alabama for a genuine breakout campaign if he gets a clear run on the injury front.

This is a far cry from how things looked for Robinson last year. His fortunes were hanging in the balance after suffering gunshot wounds during a carjacking gone wrong, but he remarkably returned after six weeks to take his first NFL snaps on an emotional afternoon for everyone involved.

When discussing his experience and coming out on the other side positively, Robinson stated via the team's website that a commitment to excellence and remaining determined in the face of adversity are things he'll continue to lean on ahead of his sophomore season.

"I'm a warrior. I feel like I can stand my ground against anything I'm up against. If the battle finds me, I can fight it. That's just my mindset playing running back in the NFL. I want to be the best, so I have to continue creating the right habits on and off the field, investing my time correctly and sticking to my script. Everybody has their way of being who they are. I have to stick to my script and what makes me who I am. And to whoever is the first defender I see this season, remember this: don't run."

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Robinson takes absolutely nothing for granted after going through such a traumatic experience. And make no mistake, this warrior-like mentality can make a significant difference for the Commanders in 2023 and way into the future.