Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Logan Thomas, Quan Matin and name return demand

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Ron Rivera on Commanders' intensity

As previously stated and as many predicted, it was a physical clash between the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens during practice on Tuesday. Whether it was hitting someone other than teammates or the intense heat, things spilled over into multiple skirmishes before both head coaches opted to conclude the session early.

The Commanders stood their ground and proved they aren't going to be a walkover next season. It also showcased the attitude of some younger roster members such as Emmanuel Forbes and Jamin Davis, who didn't back down an inch.

When asked about how things went, head coach Ron Rivera stated via the team's website that although he liked the intensity, nobody benefits from the fighting aspect. Something he clearly doesn't want to see later this morning.

"It was really good. It got a little hot a couple times. It gets a little chippy and we can't take it personal. This really is not about me against you. This is about us trying to develop and work together as teams. It can't be chippy. It can't be about yourself. It's not personal. You get beat, you get beat, let's just move on to the next thing and let's focus in on what's happening, what's important. You know, we're trying to practice. Everybody's trying to get better, but that chippiness you just can't have because it doesn't make sense."

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Rivera was probably thrilled to see his payers sticking up for each other in whatever capacity. It proves there is a real togetherness within the squad, which can be a significant tool to call upon when the real action begins in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.