Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Josh Harris, Andrew Luck and Budda Baker

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Incoming Commanders owner receives criticism

Barring a drastic shift in course, the Washington Commanders will soon come into the hands of a prolific group of investors led by Josh Harris. Something that brings a level of hope and optimism to fans not seen for more than two decades.

While there is plenty of experience running sports franchises within the consortium - especially where Harris and Magic Johnson are concerned - taking charge of an NFL team is a completely different ball game. And a former general manager stated recently that methods might have to change to make a go of things.

When speaking to The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan via The Commanders Wire, Michael Lombardi was skeptical of Harris' player-first approach and whether it could succeed in the NFL. Especially considering the need for a full cultural reset in Washington.

"As a Washington fan, I’d be concerned he is too player-friendly and wants too much for the players to be happy. I’ve never been part of a program that worked if you’re not driving the players to be the best that can be. Josh Harris will spend money and has the will to win, but what makes this tough with new ownership is, do they know how to make moves and build a culture within the building? The Commanders haven’t had a culture in the building since Dan Snyder bought the team, so this will take a lot of work."

Michael Lombardi via Commanders Wire

Harris will have a plan in place and others will be on hand to lend their support. This is a substantial, record-breaking investment from the group, but anyone expecting miracles right away is kidding themselves.

A lot of hard work is ahead. But lifting Dan Snyder's dark cloud from the organization is the best place to start.