Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Jonathan Allen, Sam Howell and selling assets

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Confidence in Commanders QB Sam Howell

Sam Howell had a tough time at the New York Giants through no real fault of his own. It's hard for any quarterback to put up decent numbers under constant duress - so it was to the signal-caller's credit that he managed to get some momentum going in the second half en route to 249 yards through the air.

Obviously, the third-down issues and failing to convert scoring opportunities ultimately led to the Washington Commanders' demise. Howell is also on course to smash the single-season sack record held by David Carr, which is absolute malpractice from a team that didn't invest properly in their protection throughout the offseason.

Howell is a fifth-round pick in his first full season as an NFL starter, so he needs more help from players and coaches alike. When asked about the signal-caller's future, head coach Ron Rivera reaffirmed his commitment via Yahoo Sports while also leaving the door open for possible change if he feels like it's needed.

"I will tell you this. I'm committed to him. And we'll see how things go. But I can't predict the future. And the only thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna focus in on one game at a time. Because the truth of the matter is that's the only thing that matters right now is getting ready for Philadelphia. Once I get done with this conversation with all you guys, it'll be on to Philadelphia."

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If Rivera makes Howell the scapegoat with so many failings elsewhere, it would be a grave error in judgment. One that would see even the most optimistic fan lose complete faith in this head coach moving forward.